Make Money Online for Free – Learn How to Use Free Tools to Start Your Second Career

“Make Money Online While You Sleep” is a claim you see all over the internet. I don’t know about you, but when I see that my first reaction is to click away fast. I was looking for a second career, one that would not require the long hours and heavy lifting I was putting in running my corporate catering company. I went to the local community college to begin the process of figuring out what I could do next that would give me more mobility and control over the hours I would work.

I know that claims that you can make money without working for it simply are not true. As a result of that class I took almost three years ago, I have spent more hours studying and learning than I did when I got my first degree! I heard the term affiliate marketing everywhere, but I classified it in the same category as “multi-level marketing”. I know there are great companies using that business model, but that was not what I was looking for. Sales have never been my favorite thing to do, even though as a business woman I realize that sales are a necessary part of making money.

Then I took a class about affiliate marketing, and I begin to gain a better understanding of how it worked. Over a year ago, my daughter added a link for a book she recommended for her clients on her professional website. It was an affiliate link to Amazon Now, if one of her customers clicked on that link and bought the book, she earned a small commission.Pretty cool, she simply made it easy for her client to purchase the book, and she earned a little commission from Amazon. It gets even better though, if that client clicks on her link to look at the book she recommends and then does other shopping while they are there without leaving the website, she earns a commission on the entire sale when they check out! Wow.

My daughter does not consider herself a salesperson, however when she mentioned that she had signed up with Amazon, I used her link to connect to Amazon and do all my Christmas shopping. She was pleasantly surprised when she saw her PayPal account the next month. Needless to say, in 2010, she made a point to share her link with family and friends who would be shopping on Amazon anyway. They did not pay a penny more to shop, Amazon simply shared some of their profit for the referral.

Our school has various fund raising programs They sell gift cards also. Those are cards offered by the local and national retailers that are sold by the school. For example I buy a gift card for my favorite grocery store for $100. I use it to purchase $100 worth of groceries. I do not pay any extra for those groceries, but that store pays the school a commission for referring a customer to them. Those examples are both great examples of affiliate marketing.

It is what in the good old days was called “word of mouth”advertising. It used to be more localized, but the internet has changed all that. Now, you can recommend a product you really love and believe in to others through social media, websites etc, provide a clickable link with your affiliate id. When they click the link, it takes them to a page with information about a product. They can decide yeah or nay, with no sales pressure. If they purchase, they will pay no more for the product, the merchant pays the commission. Sometimes those affiliate links can even make the purchase cheaper because sometimes the merchant will provide their affiliates with a special code that gives the customer a discount.

When I had my catering company I had to learn how to do sales and marketing. It was never my favorite part of the business. I liked the baking the best, but as I got to know my customers, I learned to love interacting with them Amazon work from home jobs in US and learning what they needed that I could help them with. As I learn more about affiliate marketing, I can see how I can “shop” for good deals on products and services, and when I find something I personally love, I can recommend it to my friends. Even if you hate to sell, once you understand the concept of affiliate marketing, I believe anyone can do it. If you can write, you can blog. You can start a blog totally for free using tools like

  • Blogger
  • Typepad
  • SquareSpace
  • Squidoo

All you have to do is choose one, follow the directions and get started blogging. Then you can find affiliate programs that sell products you like and write about those products. Most of those programs are also free to join. Now you won’t get rich quick, but it is money that can add up over time.

Grace Becker is the Dough Raising Mom. She loves to work with stay at home moms, baby boomers or non techie folks looking for a second career. Her passion is helping others who would like to learn how to start a business working from home. She is a successful business woman who ran a corporate catering company for over ten years from her licensed commercial kitchen that she and her husband added to their home. Oh, and by the way, they have twelve children.

Knowing the benefits of working from home, Grace now works with others looking for viable and legitimate ways to work from home. She has a unique program she has developed over twenty five years helping church and other not for profit groups raise money. Her trainees easily earn $250 and more in a weekend.

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